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StartSSL™ Verified
StartSSL™ VerifiedStartSSL™ Verified (Class 2) digital certificates are ideal for authentication, B2B and B2C transactions, protection of electronic mail and signing of object code and macros. More than that, StartSSL™ Verified provides a level of flexibility and support options not found anywhere else.

StartSSL™ Verified supports:

  • *Web server certificates (SSL/TLS)
  • *Wild cards (*.domain.com)
  • *Multiple domains (DNS Alt Names)
  • *128/256-bit encryption
  • *Object Code Signing
  • *Client and mail certificates (S/MIME)
  • *US $ 10,000 insurance guaranteed

Live Fraud monitoring

What is the minFraud service?

The minFraud service reduces chargebacks by identifying risky orders to be held for further review. The minFraud service is used to identify fraud in online e-commerce transactions, affiliate referrals, surveys, and account logins and signups.

How does the minFraud service work?

The minFraud service determines the likelihood that a transaction is fraudulent based on many factors, including whether an online transaction comes from a high risk IP address, high risk email, or anonymizing proxy. One of the key features of the minFraud service is the minFraud Network, which allows MaxMind to establish the reputations of IP addresses, emails, and other parameters.


What is the minFraud Network and why join it?

The minFraud Network is made up of the over 6,000 e-commerce businesses that use the minFraud service.

Users of the minFraud service benefit from a dynamic and adaptive approach to fraud detection and the mutual protection of the minFraud Network. For example, if we detect suspicious activity from an IP address, it will be flagged as high risk throughout the entire minFraud Network in real-time. Feedback from merchants thus serves as a warning signal to all others within the minFraud Network.

The minFraud service can function on its own or as a complement to existing in-house fraud checking systems.

Key features of the minFraud service include:

  • The riskScore (The likelihood that a transaction is fraudulent)
  • Geographical IP address location checking
  • High risk IP address and email checking
  • Proxy detection
  • Bank Identification Number (BIN) to country matching
  • The minFraud Network
  • Prepaid and gift card identification
  • Post query analysis


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